Monday, May 30, 2011

Good day! Lots of horses worked- even with the heat. Lori came for a visit- got to see her Tappy work. Stayed to see several others go as well. She happily departed with her new round pen!
Scratchy continues to do well. Erin gave him a 'butt bath' this afternoon- just to help keep him clean- this last bout of the scours got him a little messy. In a few minutes Robbie will be heading down to the barn to give him his evening batch of mare milk formula. He is eating and drinking well- so with luck he will continue to thrive.
Luck- that is the wrong word. I was told ( again- as I've been told this several times before ) yesterday that I was lucky to have what I have here- lucky to have done so well in the horse industry, lucky to have stayed busy and productive in this down economy. I will admit that I have been very fortunate in all of this- but it isn't due to luck. Hard work ( a.k.a. many wet saddle blankets- literally and figuratively ) is the key to the success at RO-NO. Luck insinuates that it wasn't earned- that it just happened. We all work hard here, we try our best to make sure our horses are properly cared for, properly trained. I go out of my way to help my clients, and to try to find new ones. It isn't luck- it's persistence and hard, hard work. And having a wonderful crew here sure doesn't hurt! :)

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