Thursday, May 19, 2011

We have sad news here. Misty, my wonderful old brood mare, is not going to be with us for much longer. Several months ago she lost her eye-sight, but she successfully made it through foaling last Thursday. She has been dealing pretty well, though every day she has had a new mark on her face from running into the arena wall and such. It has been miserable to see her dealing with he lack of sight, and I knew that she probably would not make it too long before a decision would have to be made about her. Well, the decision has been made. Yesterday morning when I went to give her her morning water ( we go to her about 5-6 times a day to hand offer her water as she hasn't always been able to find it herself now that she has a foal to tend to ) I found her standing in the corner of the arena favoring her front left. Looks like her shoulder is broken. We will try to keep her up and comfortable for a few more days ( at most ) to try to give her colt, Scratchy, a few more days of having his mom, a few more days of natural mares milk. I'm absolutely devastated about this. Misty is one of my first Paso Fino horses and she has been a wonderful horse, plus she has given us some fantastic babies.
If anyone has knowledge of a nurse mare please let me know. I am planning on bringing Rose's mare Kat back in from the pasture to see if she will take the foal- it's going to be a long haul- raising an orphan foal is no easy feat. Any advice from you all will be very welcome.
Another bit of news that hopefully will not be bad news, Rose's mare Carbi still has not foaled. She is several weeks overdue. She is absolutely huge! with foal- but is showing no bag yet. Hopefully she will foal very soon and not have any problems. She will be having an ultrasound on Tuesday- or possibly sooner- to see if there are any problems.

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