Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No foals yet. I last checked on the girls at 4 this morning. All three mares just looked at me as if they were thinking 'Really- you're checking on us again?' Either Maribelle had turned on and left n the lights in the indoor- or one of the mares must have played with the switch. Made my checking on them a lot easier than having to use a flashlight. Everyone is excited to get to see a Calif baby.
Spoke with Robin Ratliff yesterday about how well all the horses did at the show. Many of the horses we had there were either purchased from Greener Pastures or were bred from horses from there. There's quite a few pictures from the weekend posted on facebook. Jenna and Jess were the ribbon girls for most of the show- and they got to take a lot of pics from inside the ring.

Here is Nicole and Pastor- hows this for a neat shot! There are plenty of other pics as well- you can get to them by going to the RO-NO Ranch facebook page.
Bee's owners are here- they got to get a lot of riding in on her yesterday. They will have today and tomorrow to come and have us work with them/with her before they load up and take her back to Illinois. She will be missed! Diesel and Apple go home today as well. Both Tappy and Mayo are having a little break at home, and then they will be back as well to start getting ready for the Lexington show.

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